Love ?!

posted on 14 Jun 2010 11:51 by thitaphat26

Sometime LOVE is coming with out its talk

but sometime this same LOVE let you behind for a long long time,

Have you ever ask yourself ? why those were happen to me

why me ?


if someone who let you cry, are asking you  "Can we love each other again?"

what the answer is? ,, may be you not even thinking of the answer


 A long long last time, this person is your lover, but the way we gone for some of dam reason

unaccepable, unbelieveable, non-stop crying, LOVE is look like this ?

Love is crying ?

Love is sad ?

so, Love is going on... you can't do anything for bring it back

you just able to see and let it go away from you


but today, it come back to you, requesting  you to trust it again


me ?          



i can't 




 if one piece of jigsaw are lost on the way you go,

you will find the losting piece, or buy a whole new one ?