posted on 13 Jun 2010 01:41 by thitaphat26

Just the first time i have my own blog ,. so suggest me to prove this blog !

lol , look like the semester is hard , how can i do keke >,<

should i go forward ? 

that is a half of my long long time , so can it succeed ?

 bra bra i just claim out , and i hope tomorrow i will forgot it ! 


bye for now , so i will very happy if someone over there are decide to comment ^^

Let's do it BEST


iCe CPe 22 @ kMuTT




i have no suggestion for you about how to improve the blog but i have one thing to suggest you, dont give up. i believe you will be achieve. TRUST ME!!

(i'm Kwang CPE22 @ KMUTT)

#4 By destiny_girlz ( on 2010-06-13 16:53

you can't do nothing if you think you can.

Fighting..,my friends๐~

#3 By [St]Kiroro ( on 2010-06-13 13:54

^^ fighting!!big smile big smile

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#1 By iCe on 2010-06-13 01:58